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Quick Review, kind of...what brought me to this place in time

Spending most my life as a day dreamer and an imaginer, going into mechanical design seemed a good fit (according to my dad). Thank you daddy, for your stubborn wisdom and for my education. 

After college, I designed actuator fits for the Alaskan pipe line, water treatment plants in Vallejo, 

an oil refinery in Benicia (climbing up onto some of the platforms was amazing), to a natural spring geyser facility in Calistoga (all in California) to name a few. 

Next my journey took me to Santa Rosa, California, working with some brilliant minds who designed a machine that polished aluminum disk; for what you may ask?  It was envisioned, that one day movies, music, books and all sorts of information will be stored on these...yes, CDs, and yes, I am that old...I like to say seasoned!  In my defense, technology and design is a fast and furious machine.  

I then moved back home to Texas, and what was next for me would be the majority of my career, Aerospace.  I was fortunate to work in the best part, testing...again creating and working with more brilliant souls...fun was had, friends were made, math was done and a career spent. 

Bringing us to the present, retired from the engineering world. What's next? We go back to the beginning, back to a very early age, watching my mom paint, and work with ink on rice paper; watching her create beauty in all things she did...from her art (when she had time between taking care of her family) to the food she cooked, clothes she made, how she decorated our home to even how she threw a party...and they had some parties y'all! (we're talking send the kids over to the neighbors house for the night and party people staying until breakfast the next morning).  After raising her kids and with some well earned extra time, my mom started her serious devotion to her art at age 76, and thankfully continues today. Mom has won many awards in the art world and I could not be prouder of her.  Which brings me here, today, inspired by a lifetime of dreaming and learning through observation, encouragement and opportunity...never underestimate the power you have to inspire. 

I have fallen in love with the process of experimenting with abstract techniques, not just for the pure visual pleasure, but also the therapeutic calm, joy and total freedom and reflection it allows. It has brought me back to a separate style of geometric work of dynamic bold colors and free form, that I enjoyed long ago. I am guessing, (back then) I was trying to mimmic my moms ink works, at the time...(you know how a child will scribble and think they just copied the Declaration of Independence) . 

She inspired me by just doing and dad inspired me with his words of wisdom..."Those who do nothing and are capable of doing something are intellectually challenged flowers!" in other words "blooming idiots". 

So by my good fortune of having a very supportive husband and the capability of doing something...

I am blessed to follow my bliss.  And so it began, three years ago, taking seminars, classes, observing and talking with other artists (so many talented people out there), reading some great art books and just doing, and experimenting. 

Some of my results are shared here in my virtual galleries.  I have sold my work locally through various galleries and art shows.  I continue to learn and experiment from my home studio in Fort Worth, Texas.  I remain hopeful to be in some additional shows later this year, and possibly my first one out of state!

Oh, did i forget to mention my beautiful talented daughter...? Guess what, she is an artist, blows me away. In between all seminars and classes, I have been traveling the state of Texas with her over the past three years participating in artist alleys at Anime and Comic Conventions. She is LV.23 Studios, (LV23studios.com). Some of the conventions we have tabled at include A-Kon,  San Japan,  Bell County Comic Con,  Greater Austin Comic Con, and Anime Matsuri to name a few,  and we will be at the new Anime Frontier next year.

LV.23 studios has original and fan art. My contribution is fan art block prints of various Miyazaki characters, along with doing personalized commissions. 

Well that brings us up to date, and I can only say I am so excited about the future! 

Blessings and peace be with you. T



I like to experiment with many different mediums, acrylics, inks, cold wax, oils, photography, digital, and collage work combining some or all of them. 

Favorite Quotes Found to date:

"Just because you put your boots in the oven,     don't make them biscuits!"     Richard Finger

"DON'T PANIC" Douglas Adams


Inspirations and lessons

I am inspired by nature, natural curiosity, joy of learning, memories, sound... and the desire to grow.  

The most important lesson so far: I have learned not to be afraid - take a chance and lay it out there! Be happy, let go and dance in that space art occupies- waiting for someone to help it into the world!  Each idea manifests in its own individual style and in its own time. 

I am grateful to be a part of any of it!


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